a wide range of applications

With fiber-based materials from Kümpers, you are prepared for any situation.

With the innovative, fiber-based materials from Kümpers, you are prepared for almost every problem and receive a suitable product for every project. Whether products for the automotive industry, general industry, medical/hygiene or protective clothing: we realize almost every project with you.

Protective clothing

Kümpers manufactures high-quality, finished fabrics adapted to the specific requirements for protective clothing or outdoor use. With various pre-treatments such as flame-retardant, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and impregnations, we offer a wide variety of solutions for protective clothing and outdoor materials. We rely on developments that are individually adapted to the customer and the application to create a product that perfectly suits them.


Our products and prototypes undergo a series of physical tests in our lab to determine performance parameters such as strength, softness, absorbency, shrinkage, colour fastness, etc.
The application spectrum ranges from plaster fabrics and kinesiology tapes to textile towel rolls for the washroom. The market leaders in their field are among our customers.


Our products made of natural and synthetic fibers find a wide range of applications in the general industry, such as drive belts and timing belts, printing blankets, conveyor belts or hose fabrics.
Our own spinning mill sets (almost) no limits to the imagination with diverse fiber combinations of natural, synthetic, or metallic fibers and filaments as well as wires.


Our automotive customers have already developed a large number of products with us and put them into mass production. All projects required both the textile technical knowledge plus the innovative strength in engineering and development, as well as the experience of the successful large-scale manufacturer in industrialization with regard to quality management (IATF 16949) and cost reduction.
Some examples of our joint development: airbag flap fabrics, clutch yarns, cooler blinds, materials for GFRP and CFRP suspension springs (leaf and coil springs) as well as high-pressure hydrogen tanks and many more.

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