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As supplier of technical yarns and fabrics F. A. Kümpers established itself as professional and reliable partner for the development and production of textile solutions since many years. In close collaboration with the customer F. A. Kümpers develops and realizes the specific requirement profile for a textile solution from the idea over the selection of raw materials to the final product.

Committed to progress



Our competitive production sites abroad are the basis of our success. As an innovative family-owned enterprise we give prime credit to our innovative products, flexible processes and dedicated staff. In combination with a balanced product mix, sound penetration of the market and a growing export ratio, this gives us and our customers the best outlook for the future.

Cutting-edge textiles

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In the 90s, F.A. Kümpers started manufacturing at production sites in Eastern Europe. This decentralised expansion has created many positive effects, such as an optimised cost structure. Today, in the fourth generation, about 450 employees guarantee the flexibility that is necessary to provide cutting-edge textiles for future markets and growth areas.


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    Sales Fabrics

    Norbert Fischer

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    Matthias Hofmann

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    Rainer Ott

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    Christina Braun

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    Sales Yarns

    Jörg Kaufmann

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    Siegbert Albers
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    Dirk Reufer (Director)

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    Carl-Josef Wiesmann (Yarns)
    Tel.: +49 (0)5971 861 226
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Our products and prototypes are subjected to physical tests to ascertain performance parameters, such as strength, softness, shrinkage, colorfastness, absorbency etc.



The supreme quality of each product has always been and still remains the best basis of a long-term partnership.


With our passion and excellence in the field of innovative high-performance textiles, we therefore have always acted in absolute accordance with the market, since 1886.


For four generations, our customers have appreciated our fairness, reliability, competence and creativity for individual solutions, innovative ideas and flexibility.





A company that grows


F. A. Kümpers has made a name for itself with superior products and, above all, with innovative solutions. We assume responsibility towards our customers and our employees and invest a great deal in both of them. They are to whom we owe our success as a company.



The material of careers


Grasp the opportunity of working in an innovative textile company, which is at eye level with its international competition.

We constantly look for motivated apprentices and trainees in various technical and commercial careers. We offer you true partnership and great perspectives. We will not

disappoint you.


Feel free to send your application to:

F. A. Kümpers GmbH & Co. KG

PO. Box 17 64

48407 Rheine